A Slice of Life: Faces and Places that make up St. Mary’s University


Healing U.S. Veterans at the Lackland Fisher House

Veterans from all around the world come to San Antonio to receive medical treatments.  The Lackland Fisher House provides housing, food, and transportation needs to veterans and their family members who travel with them.  The Lackland Fisher House is one of the organizations involved with the Wounded Warrior Project.

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Wanderlust and Communicating


Catherine Ortega is a junior at St. Mary’s University majoring in English Communication Arts.  Ortega believes in the power of communication, having a deep rooted passion for books and literature.  Ortega is not just an everyday bookworm.  She has a passion for the outdoors, baseball, and the Texas Rangers.  Ortega has big goals after college like working for a professional sports team public relations office, or going on to be a professor of literature.  At the top of her list is the ambition to live in every state in America.

Seizing New Beginnings

As the new Fall 2015 semester at St. Mary’s University begins, I find myself inspired to tackle new challenges head on.  I am happy to have put the spring semester behind me, I lost three close relatives, and the grief took the wind out of my sails.  This semester can only be a new beginning that will bring joy and not sorrow.

I am really excited about Media Production I.  Of all my courses this semester, I know this one presents a unique opportunity to learn new skills.  I like to play with Windows Movie Maker, but I look forward to learning new editing skills, and utilizing a Mac versus a PC.

I am not an English communication arts major, so I feel a little out of place.  I do not believe this challenge will affect me in a negative way, I look forward to meeting new people with different skills and outlooks.  I feel like I have a lot of new information to learn, so I will be in attendance for every class to ensure that I receive all of the needed information.  I am a little intimidated by the task of creating a web site, but I will be sure to ask questions, and utilize all available resources around me to get the job done with a spirit of excellence.

As a historian, I plan to conduct research and be a professor at a university.  This course will help me communicate my findings and ideas more effectively, as well as giving me an edge over my counterparts only looking to articulate ideas through more traditional means.

I am a 33 years old, husband, and father of two lovely girls.  I served in the United States Air Force, as well as worked some horrible jobs.  I am truly blessed to have an opportunity to study at St. Mary’s University.  There are many who would love to find themselves with the opportunity that I have been given.  It is my sincere hope that I walk in fully in the grace imparted in me, and not squander such a marvelous blessing.